Scott F. Mattila, MHI, MIS

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Scott F. Mattila, MHI, MIS

Scott Mattila has over 13 years in both the public and private healthcare sector and holds two master’s degrees, one in healthcare informatics and the second in information systems. Currently, Scott is the manager for both HM Health Solutions and the Allegheny Health Network Cyber Controls Governance (Information Security Compliance). Over the course of his career, Scott has managed, designed and implemented health information systems. Scott’s role requires him to work with multiple stakeholders, including regulators, customers and senior leadership on a daily basis. Scott has a passion for health IT and the possibilities the future holds by leveraging the right technology and collaboration to advance health technologies securely. Scott enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, cooking, learning about cutting-edge technologies and sharing his experiences with others.